Language immersion in English, French, Spanish or German with Environmental Education activities. Aimed at students, companies or diverse groups.

Photographs of Orbaneja del Castillo by Mikel Photo Natura.
Photographs of Orbaneja del Castillo by Mikel Photo Natura.

Ráspano Ecoturismo offers language immersion programmes to people of all ages in Spanish, English, French or German, always observing sustainable tourism principles.

Our company is committed to minimize its environmental and cultural impact on the habitat as much as possible. That is why we have created an Environmental Education Programme to make the participants aware of our ecosystem and the culture of our region and country.

This way we will manage to have a positive impact both on the visitor and the region. Since, given our experience, we believe that there is no greater treasure than mutual enrichment with people from other places and cultures.

Our teachers, who are highly qualified in environmental subjects and bilingual in the selected language, will accompany the group for the duration of the immersion.

What are our activities based on?

We rely on three cornerstones to set up our training activities and this unique experience:

  • Spain is the European country with the most biological diversity, a treasure which has become an attraction for millions of tourists. The region of Las Merindades particularly, the area we will visit, being the meeting point between the Mediterranean and Atlantic climate, presents a wide range of biodiversity and many unique landscapes of striking beauty.
  • Language immersions are one of the most effective methods to master a language since they pose all sorts of everyday situations that must be dealt with exclusively in the foreign language.
  • The region of Las Merindades is the cradle of Castilian, the place where perfect Spanish is spoken.